Sanchit understands the nuances of business and advice regarding the big picture accordingly. His concepts are pretty clear and approach very creative! He is a great motivational speaker too!
Amey Maheshwari (Associate @ Morgan Stanley)

Sanchit is a gifted negotiator with a rare combination of patience, spunk and research skills. He has solutions for everything and if not, he makes sure to find a connection/connecting link for you. With his “Student for Life” mindset, he keeps on learning new skills and with his “a good listener” quality, he knows exactly what the customer wants.  A dependable and approachable professional, that is what sums up Sanchit Jain!
Hiloni Nagda (Associate – Direct Tax @ MGB)

I came in touch with Sanchit during my CA final preparations. He guided me throughout my exam tenure due to which I was able to clear it easily. He is a go to person for me in terms of any advice be it career, Job, Finance, Excel etc.  A thorough professional, great mentor & a true friend.
Charu Chandak (Associate Consultant @ Baker Tilly DHC)

Sanchit has been my saviour in my difficult times with excel. Anytime, I call him with any excel related query, he provides an instant solution for it – smooth and quick.  Most people have reservations when it comes to money. I completely rely on Sanchit for personal finance advice. I am confident that he will never steer me wrong.  I would just like to say, “When you have a dream and a vision but the road is not clear, go to Sanchit, he will show you the path.”
Roshani Desai (Assistant Manager @ S J Chirania & Associates)

Sanchit played an instrumental role in bringing a direction to my studies, in setting realistic and achievable goals, and motivated me to push myself harder beyond the limits set by me. He made me feel confident about my abilities to conquer the 8 oceans of CA Final exams. He is a mentor worth investing your time and money because he invests his time in bringing out the best version of you. Highly recommend his mentorship.
Navya Pegatraju

After facing lots of rejections in job interviews, I came to know about the Mentorship sessions run by Mr. Sanchit. He guided me personally, guided me how to drive the interview in your favour, a lot of pro tips. He removed my nervousness, hesitation and built confidence… That line hit me hard, “at zero u have nothing to lose, so be ultra-confident” All in all, thanks a lot for such mentorship sessions. There are many like me who would love to get your guidance and excel in their career, so keep going like this…. All the best for Future Endeavours.
CA Aman Yaganlwar (Senior Executive @ HCL Technologies)

Sanchit is a very approachable and go to guy. Very good listener and also gives practical advice. He is a bright minded person with tons of knowledge in terms of his interpersonal skills. My interactions have been fruitful and I am in constant touch with him for his views on many things. 🙂
Jay Gandhi (Product Specialist & Investment Counsellor @ ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd)

During his stint with B&K Wealth Sanchit proved to be not just an employee but a valuable asset to the team. Working with him highlighted his clear and precise thought process which helped align the firm’s ambitions & goals. His attitude towards problem solving and out of the box thinking was key in helping him standout from others. His work ethics & professionalism are also second to none.  It has been a pleasure working with him over the last 2 years & we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
Karl Tata (Director @ B&K Wealth Pvt Ltd.)


Sanchit is an admirable talent industry is getting. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a great combination of IT and account/audit which the industry is demanding nowadays.  He has a very good grip over excel/access which is widely used for data analysis. His advanced Excel knowledge helps to reach out to important conclusions in accounting and audit matters.  He is a good communicator and presenter. During his CA training, under my immediate supervision, he has done fabulous job in internal as well as statutory audits starting from procedure, discussion to presentation of report. According to me he can represent good as a corporate trainer.
Kajal H Patel (Technical Accountant Specialist IV @ Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas)

Sanchit is very passionate about the markets and is always knowledge hungry. Is a great asset to the team, has strong views and you can always count on him.
Sunny Changrani (Channel Head @ Axis Mutual Fund)

Give him any subject, and he will put all his efforts into learning it.  That’s the best part of him, all these years, he has put in the hard work and dedication to gain knowledge in every possible area.  Knowing him for almost over a decade, I am pretty sure wherever he goes, he will make a difference, not only in the area which he is working upon but also the people who are associated with him!
Deep Morakhia (Assistant Manager @ Mahajan & Aibara)


I have known Sanchit for the past couple of years during his association with B&K Wealth. He is extremely passionate regarding investment as a subject and has always been open to learning and growing. To summarize Sanchit has both the right aptitude as well as the right attitude to achieve success in whichever field he chooses to work. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours. Ayush Tibrewal, CFA (Senior Vice President @ B&K Wealth Management Pvt Ltd.)


I have known Sanchit for many years and have seen him evolve as a finance professional and educator very smoothly. He has a fantastic work ethic, and his passion for financial literacy is something I truly admire. An effective public speaker, he can influence large people sitting in a room at once.
Ankur Mahajan (Senior Manager @ DSP Mutual Fund)

The Best part of Sanchit is that he understands what is deliverables. Clarity of thought process and Knowledge enhancement makes him distinct. His knowledge and sense of responsibility make a perfect combination of Professional. Best of luck Sanchit. Keep rocking!
Avinash Singh (Manager @ ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd)

Sanchit has been able to bring together his innovative and disruptive thinking style with his clear focus and dedication, which has helped us as a team to consistently outdo ourselves. He possesses strong managerial skills, has helped us feel closely-knit as a team and has always promoted critical thinking. His leadership at B&K Wealth has helped me grow as a professional and as an individual.
Nishant Mahtani (Assistant Manager @ B&K Wealth Pvt Ltd.)

I know Sanchit from our B&K Wealth days and I have learnt a lot under him. It was a pleasure journey working under him. He is an inspiring leader, educator and motivator. He is very knowledgeable and an absolutely professional person. I feel he is god gifted and has a solution for almost everything and still keeps learning.
Prakash Pandey (Manager- Products @ B&K Wealth Pvt Ltd.)

I got a chance to work with Sanchit, he is a strong asset to any team he is on. He is extremely self-driven and aims to exceed the goals he sets for himself. He helped steer the conversation to be productive, but wasn’t afraid to explore the “what-if’s”. No matter the job, Sanchit far surpasses excelling. He brings an unprecedented work ethic and drive to succeed.
Sarvesh Gothi (Product Specialist @ Credit Suisse)

Excel wizard, sharp analytical skills and a good understanding of economic indicators; that’s what you need in a Product specialist. You hit the jackpot when you work with Sanchit. You feel the energy and enthusiasm of a different level. He has an eye to details and he loves to share knowledge, skills and news too.
Amit Vyas (Channel Manager @ ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd)

Sanchit and I work in parallel teams, where he supports the sales function through his role as a Product Specialist. He has remarkable skills for presentations, training and data analysis and visualisation using MS Excel.  In his short tenure, he has shown a tremendous learning curve and has proved his worth in high-pressure situations.  Sanchit has been helpful and analytical in his way of working. He has led several initiatives whilst setting an example for his peers simultaneously. He has a gift for engaging audiences with the way he presents. As Albert Einstein once said, “You only understand something fully when you can explain it to a 5 year old,” and this is something Sanchit normally focuses on during his training sessions.  Overall, Sanchit is a bright talent and is surely on a path to make it big in the Indian Mutual Fund industry. I am certain that he’ll be an asset to any organization.
Bhavik Jain (Business Development Manager @ Franklin Templeton India)

Sanchit is a highly focused and humble individual. I have seen him grow leaps and bounds over the years I have known him . His ability to simplify complex financial concepts and his presentation skills make him an excellent teacher and coach.
Hasnain Ebrahim (Senior Manager @ Kotak Mutual Fund)

Working with Sanchit over a two year period at ICICI MF was a positive experience. He was an exceptional Product Specialist. His hands-on approach to work, going beyond work to help colleagues, and motivation won him the respect of the Sales team. He is capable of adapting to new working environments. Due to his positive attitude towards work, he is an asset for any organisation.
Jahnavi Vyas, CFP (Senior Manager (Private Client Group Banking & ND) @ Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (ABSLMF))

Sanchit is an eager, knowledgeable, articulate professional and a pleasure to work with. We worked together for roughly two years in which he undertook initiatives to update and enable various stakeholders, it is also the connect that he has maintained with the team even after his stint at IPru which is truly commendable. His excellent command over Excel and the curiosity to learn and understand new aspects of technology and finance is a definite asset to his organisation/ventures.
Jaideep JD Shetty (Relationship Manager – Private Client Group (PCG) @ ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd)


I worked with Sanchit at ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. He is a good motivational speaker and a great influencer.  He has lots of skills – Excellent command over excel, analytical skills, great financial knowledge, remarkable skills for presentation.  It’s a pleasure to work with Sanchit due to the way he understands and shares the knowledge with everyone. He goes out of the way to help, even beyond work-related things. He is a great friend and an asset for any organisation!
Jalil Khan (Investment Advisor @ ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd)

Sanchit provided me training for BFSI products and industry trends in ICICI AMC. He holds fine knowledge of versatile financial industry products and is very skilled in delivering it with excellent examples and numerous case studies. He keeps a sharp eye on the market variation & new trends & his imparting skill is commendable. His sessions equipped with product structure, sector advancement & impacts which replenished space for every individual to excel at rapid pace. He encouraged many by his perseverance, positive attitude & captivating skills.   Wish all the luck to you Sanchit.
Richa Bordia (Lead Business Analyst @ FIS)

I have known Sanchit since the time we were working at ICICI Prudential AMC. He is extremely proficient with his work and as a product specialist he’s training and recommendations related to mutual funds have always backed by proper research. Not only is he a good presenter, his skills in excel, word and ppt have been an asset while working with him. He always has innovative ways of doing things and comes up with creative solutions for everything. His out of the box thinking always helps in providing solutions.
Shaili Shah (Debt Fund Management-Credit Analyst @ Kotak Mutual Fund)

I met Sanchit during my stint at ICICI Prudential AMC. He is very dynamic and creative, always on top of what’s happening in the industry! His knowledge, inquisitive nature & professional network make him a solution provider for anything and everything. One thing which definitely requires mention of his tech expertise, especially Ms Excel.
Sonal Maheshwari (Senior Manager @ IIFL Wealth Management Ltd)

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sanchit in many avatars, as a colleague, a friend, educator, advisor, etc.. His skills are indubitably marks of perfection which he brings with his involvement in work and otherwise. I reckon Sanchit as “he`s your man” when it comes to personal finance and understanding financial markets. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.
Dishant Dange (Deputy Manager @ ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd)


I got a chance to work along with Sanchit at ICICI MF. In addition to his skills in markets, financial advice, Excel and other skills he is a great influencer. He goes above and beyond for every job that he does. His greatest asset is his focus on work.
Durlabh Jatania (Senior Executive @ Happyness Factory)