Sanchit Jain initiated FkF in 2017 to provide interactive training experiences to bankers and other financial services professionals. Social media has helped create the essential reach and leap for FkF helping it to grow. Instagram has served dual purposes – a gamification resource and easy revision access to all that FkF caters to.<br /> Finance Ke Funde has since evolved with the Youtube Channel in 2020, which attempts to explain personal finance and investments concepts in simple five-minute videos. The website serves as a resource bank for professional growth, backing Sanchit’s diverse academic experiences, workspace productivity, and personal finance.

Academic Counselling

Sanchit has grown a mentoring streak, with his C.A. years being among one of his finest teachers for life. More than the content, it has been the Herculean effort of keeping up his morale and composure. Now continuing it even beyond C.A. has helped him emerge as a thoughtful and insightful counsellor when coaching C.A. students. His memory technique workshops, Microsoft training workshops, and academic counselling workshops are highly recommended by everyone who has attended them so far.

It is believed at times that academicians have a hard time being counsellors. Sanchit has been an exception and has consistently been able to balance it out just like the pH levels!


It is difficult to make a sentence with both ‘Trust’ and ‘money in it. But as long as there are individuals like Sanchit to help you guide you with your investment planning, ease settles in.

Having played a vital role as a product manager, he specializes in investment strategizing, understanding clients’ psyche, building portfolios and process automation with I.T. integration.


Joining the dots has come to Sanchit naturally. Understanding the ever-expanding financial kingdoms of the world, Sanchit has worked to help others gain insight through his training sessions. He has trained 100’s of individuals, distribution employees, students, newly joined employees, branch managers and finance professionals into personal finance, Mutual Funds, sales pitch, objection handling etc.

He has also conducted various roadshows, market updates, training, and giving talk sessions at multiple platforms online and offline.

The Gift of Speech +  financial knowledge has always been a unique combination to possess as a C.A. With his ease of handling new subjects, the methods to convey them, has helped him shape his brand FkF. This has helped him have a trailblazing start to his career in his early years.