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About Sanchit Jain

Sanchit Jain, a Chartered Accountant, is currently pursuing PhD in Finance from IIM – B. A curious person by nature, he has gained exposure in diverse fields, leading him to be a better Academician, Trainer and Educator. He sees himself as a catalyst for professional growth for those in his orbit. 

His years of experience with the banking sector/financial services sector have given him a firm footing in the financial world. He has trained hundreds of financial services professionals in personal finance with a focus on mutual funds. 

He integrates a customized chain process of various skills fusing the gap between the constant upgrading of knowledge, mentoring/ training and technical skills required for the complexities and ever-changing world of finance. 

With his Student for Life approach, he has successfully integrated the strategistmentor, and speaker managing his deliverables with utmost clarity. He has been keen about keeping up with the constancy of the need and ever-changing nature of the world he works into, be it finance or corporate training. 

A hands-on technical catalyst, innovative and power-packed individual with a composed, gentle demeanour is what Sanchit Jain is all about. An asset to a company is what his peers/company directors say about him!

About Finance Ke Funde

Sanchit Jain initiated FkF in 2017 to provide interactive training experiences to bankers and other financial services professionals. Social media has helped create the essential reach and leap for FkF helping it to grow. Instagram has served dual purposes – a gamification resource and easy revision access to all that FkF caters to.
Finance Ke Funde has since evolved with the Youtube Channel in 2020, which attempts to explain personal finance and investments concepts in simple five-minute videos. The website serves as a resource bank for professional growth, backing Sanchit’s diverse academic experiences, workspace productivity, and personal finance.


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